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From the heart of Italy!

History of Parmalat Group

The history of Parmalat Group.

Parmalat Group is a multinational manufacturer of food products, one of the world leaders in the milk production of milk.

It is the biggest Italian company in dairy industry, founded in 1961 in Parma, in the center of province Emilia Romagna.

The name of the company consists of two Italian words: «Parma» - environmentally friendly area in Italy, where the company was founded, and «Latte» which is translated from Italian as milk.

Less than in thirty years Parmalat Company managed to gain international fame and earned universal recognition, having reached the sizes of multinational company.

The Parmalat Group is a global player in the production and distribution of foods that are essential for everyday wellness: milk, dairy products (yogurt, cream based sauces, desserts and cheese) and fruit beverages, which generated revenues of about 4.5 billion euros in 2011.

Nowadays products of Parmalat Group are represented in 17 countries and has branch offices in Europe, North America, Central and South America, Australia and South Africa.

Parmalat is one of the leading players all around the world in the UHT milk market and has achieved significant competitive positions on the dynamic market of fruit juices and drinks.

Company's brand portfolio includes global brands as Parmalat and Santаl and strong local brands Zymil, Fibresse, Physical, Jeunesse, Omega3, First Growth, Ice Break / Rush.

Parmalat Group is the company with strong innovative traditions: the company managed to develop and implement advanced UHT technologies in the production of milk and dairy products, juices and nectars.