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From the heart of Italy!

Parmalat in Russia

Parmalat in Russia

In 1991 Parmalat Company entered the Russian market. Initially a joint venture, it later became the independent company Parmalat MK, which is wholly owned by the Parmalat Group.

The head office of Parmalat, Russia is in Moscow. There are company affiliates in St. Petersburg, Belgorod and Ekaterinburg. Parmalat’s production facilities in Russia include Milk Production Factory OOO "Urallat" in Ekaterinburg and OAO "Belgorodsky Molochny Kombinat" in Belgorod.

Parmalat’s main production in Russia is concentrated on milk and dairy products, juices and other drinks. A large proportion of all Parmalat products in Russia are imported straight from Italy. These include Parmalat’s confectionary items, Pomito and Pomi classic tomato pastes and sauces, and of course Divella pasta.

In Russia Parmalat is represented by world famous brands such as:

  • Parmalat - milk and dairy products
  • Santal - juices, nectars, drinks
  • Grisbi - bakery products
  • Pomi and Pomito - tomato based products
  • Divella - pasta

And also by locally produced brands:

  • "4 Seasons" - juices
  • “Bely Gorod” - milk and other dairy products.